My First Bake – Victoria Sponge Sandwich

Hello, hello! Welcome friends and Great British Bake Off fans alike! I am so excited to get this project up and running.

This is kind of an impromptu idea that’s based on both a New Year resolution and a bit of post-holiday fatigue at work. Baking more often is one thing that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I was quite an avid baker up until recently, but the past year or so has been absolutely INSANE with work and some big life changes, so I had stopped for a while. I knew that I wanted to bake more in the new year, but I hadn’t made it a concrete goal UNTIL one of my lovely co-workers suggested we put the masterpiece known as GBBO on in the background while we worked last week. I had already been a casual fan of the show, but it had been quite a while since I watched it so I was game. Other than being an incredible source of background noise for working or studying (FYI), it gave me this idea… I am planning on baking EVERY SINGLE technical challenge from the series so far. 8 Seasons and 73 or so episodes. Yikes.

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