This is the home for links to all the recipes that I attempt as well as the related blog post. I’m going to do my research and attempt to find the original recipe the technical challenge is based on (or at least as close as possible)! The plan is to post my chosen recipe the week before my actual bake so that you can try it along with me if you wish!


Series 1 Challenges:

Episode 1: Victoria Sponge (Recipe|Post)

Episode 2: Scones (Recipe|Post )

Episode 3: Cobs (Recipe)

Episode 4: Hot Lemon Soufflé

Episode 5: Cornish Pasties

Series 2 Challenges

Episode 1: Coffee and Walnut Battenberg

Episode 2: Tarte au Citron

Episode 3: Focaccia

Episode 4: Brandy Snaps

Episode 5: Pork Pie

Episode 6: Chocolate Roulade

Episode 7: Iced Fingers

Episode 8: Sachertorte

Series 3 Challenges:

Episode 1: Rum Baba

Episode 2: Plaited Loaf

Episode 3: Treacle Tart

Episode 4: Crème Caramel

Episode 5: Hand-Raised Pie

Episode 6: Queen of Puddings

Episode 7: Jam Donut

Episode 8: Chocolate Teacakes

Episode 9: Fraisier Cake

Episode 10: Fondant Fancies

Series 4 Challenges:

Episode 1: Angel Food Cake

Episode 2: English Muffin

Episode 3: Floating Islands

Episode 4: Egg Custard Tarts

Episode 5: Tuiles

Episode 6: Apricot Couronne

Episode 7: Religieusees

Episode 8: Hazelnut Dacquoise

Episode 9: Charlotte Royale

Episode 10: Pretzels

Series 5 Challenges:

Episode 1: Cherry Cake

Episode 2: Florentines

Episode 3: Ciabatta

Episode 4: Tiramisu Cake

Episode 5: Mini Pear Pies

Episode 6: Princess Cake

Episode 7: Kouign-amann

Episode 8: Poivitica

Episode 9: Schichttorte

Episode 10: Victoria Sandwiches, Tarte au Citron, Scones

Series 6 Challenges:

Episode 1: Frosted Walnut Layer Cake

Episode 2: Arlette

Episode 3: Baguettes

Episode 4: Spanische Windtorte

Episode 5: Gluten Free Pita

Episode 6: Flaounes

Episode 7: Tennis Cake (Kill me. Stay tuned for the funniest baking fail of your LIFE)

Episode 8: Mokatines

Episode 9: Chocolate Soufflé

Episode 10: Mille-feuille

Series 7 Challenges:

Episode 1: Jaffa Cakes

Episode 2: Viennese Whirls

Episode 3: Dampfnudel

Episode 4: Heart-shaped Lace Pancakes

Episode 5: Bakewell Tart

Episode 6: Herb Fougasse

Episode 7: Marjolaine

Episode 8: Jumbles (I think they’re making stuff up at this point.)

Episode 9: Savarin

Episode 10: Victoria Sandwich

Series 8 Challenges:

Episode 1: Chocolate Mini Rolls

Episode 2: Fortune Cookies

Episode 3: Cottage Loaf

Episode 4: Stroopwafels

Episode 5: Molten Chocolate Puddings

Episode 6: Pastéis de Nata

Episode 7: Pizza Margherita

Episode 8: Cumberland Rum Nicky

Episode 9: Les Misérables Slices

Episode 10: Ginger Biscuits