What is up, everyone!? Welcome to the home of my newest project. My name is Rai and I am a (very) amateur baking enthusiast attempting to bake my way through all 73 technical challenges featured on the tv show the Great British Bake Off. AKA – the nicest, most relaxing cooking competition show EVER. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s truly a must-view, even if you’re not that into food comp shows. Netflix it UP.)

I used to be a giant baking nerd, but life gets in the way (read: I’m lazy) and I have not been trying many new recipes in the past couple years. I’m really hoping that all these wack challenges help me get back into the swing of things.

I’ll be posting my experience baking one technical challenge per week as my schedule allows. Check out the recipes section for upcoming challenges and links to the recipes that I use for my bakes. It would be exciting if some of my fellow bakers out there would join me for some challenges! Even if you don’t bake, we can all suck together. The point of this whole thing is to suck less, so that’s what we’re gonna do!

And now for some “fun” baking and non-baking facts about me:

  • Back in the day, I was enrolled and all set to go to pastry school before I totally chickened out and went to school for advertising instead.  I am now in digital marketing which might just be the farthest career from pastry chef possible.
  • I once baked 25+ king cakes for a Mardi Gras themed event at the Milwaukee Art Museum. They haven’t let me back in a professional kitchen since…
  • I like to travel, mostly because of the food. Highlights being – shave ice and roadside huli-huli chicken in Hawaii, Nutella crepes in Paris, and Hákarl in Iceland.
  • My favorite celebrity chefs are Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, and Ina Garten. I have unnecessarily strong opinions on celeb chefs in general. Don’t bring up that subject with me if you don’t want to fight.
  • There are almost no foods on this earth that I don’t like or won’t eat. Black licorice and pickled eggs are the only two things that come to mind.
  • If I even get through the first season of GBBO technical challenges, it will be the longest I’ve stuck with something in my life. Also, I’m hoping for a 50% success rate with this project. I enjoy baking, but there are a looooot of things that I’m not great at. I am terrified of bread.

That’s about it, friends! Wish me luck, and I hope to chat with some of you soon!

– Rai