Hello again everyone! I’m so glad that some of you stuck around for week number two! Getting into a consistent schedule is going to be difficult for me. I’m a little late on the blog post, but at least I’m on time with the actual baking. Here’s hoping that I can keep it up for the next 71 weeks! Thanks so much to all of you that have read so far and have told your friends about this project! Y’all are amazing and I so so so appreciate all of the support!

Let’s jump right into it and get started with another fun bake. This weekend’s baking adventure revolves around probably one of the most ubiquitously British tea time treats – traditional scones!

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My First Bake – Victoria Sponge Sandwich

Hello, hello! Welcome friends and Great British Bake Off fans alike! I am so excited to get this project up and running.

This is kind of an impromptu idea that’s based on both a New Year resolution and a bit of post-holiday fatigue at work. Baking more often is one thing that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I was quite an avid baker up until recently, but the past year or so has been absolutely INSANE with work and some big life changes, so I had stopped for a while. I knew that I wanted to bake more in the new year, but I hadn’t made it a concrete goal UNTIL one of my lovely co-workers suggested we put the masterpiece known as GBBO on in the background while we worked last week. I had already been a casual fan of the show, but it had been quite a while since I watched it so I was game. Other than being an incredible source of background noise for working or studying (FYI), it gave me this idea… I am planning on baking EVERY SINGLE technical challenge from the series so far. 8 Seasons and 73 or so episodes. Yikes.

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